Monday, May 22, 2006

CLICK DEL ESTUDIANTE : Tienes un lugar seguro para presentar los mejores proyectos y trabajos

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Did you know that L-O-R-G-E spells tax relief?

I didn't, at least until I got one of the best automated phone calls ever. Really, quite hilarious. If you get this one, don't hang up right away.

Sigh. You know it's convention season around here.

"Vote American!"

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm Azka, nice to meet you...

This is Bali... it was my first trip to see different culture part of Indonesia.

So fun!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Want to knoW my feArs?? FeaRs of peopLe knowing The reaL me.. a simPLe feAr..buT scary to Be reveAled..i Always neeD to Pretnd..bUt reaLLy noT in a bAd and eviL way thaT i knoW your Thinking Right now.. iTs the Pretending thaT i"m perFect see, people inSchooL or anywheRe wiLL see me as the gRl who has no pRobLem at aLL.. bec. i'M a very chEErful and FriendLy persoN.. So, since thE day thaT i reaLize thaT people see mE like thaT, i toLd myseLf, i have to be like matter wHat..But you knOw,it's's like haRder thaN my Physics examS.. kasI nman, keLan b ngIng mdaLi ang pagbibigaY ng kaSiyahan sa ibang taO khit sobRang mamamatay ka na Sa Sakit..di ba?hmm..But whaT can i do? i was scarEd thaT people around me who Gets strength in Me will see me cry.. Di ba Dyahe yuN?! I havE to Be strong, everytime I haVe to cRy..i alwaYs haVe to be aLone..Dapat waLang makakaaLam na UmiiyAk akO.. daPat waLang makakakiTa na malungkoT ako..kasi,,at thaT particular Time..eveN my owN parents Use to geT strength frOm,,panu yun di ba?! panu siLa kapag pinakiTa koNg di ko na kaya?Ganun un kahirap..MinsaN, iT came into my mind to jUst end my Life..di Ko na kaYa e..hiraP magpanggaP.. perO naisiP ko diN..paG iniwan ko pa siLa..mas maLaking probleMa..i will jUst make it more comPLicated..i Love them, so i hoLd on..akaLa ko, i have no onE to turned to..pero i was wronG..dami paLa niLa..siLa lang pala ang naghihintaY na lumapit ako..weiRd no?thaT's when i starteD to open up to otheRs.. to make them sEE the reaL chaRm..yuNg weak sidE ko..and i was really haPPy with the result..they stiLL accepted me..They stiLL love me..i"m sure thankful for thaT.. so for the Past monthS.. the're hanging ouT wiTh the cry-babY inside of Me..(",)ciaO!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

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